* Learn to Float workshop (online Group & 1:1 Sessions)

* Detox for Inner Wealth (online Group & 1:1)

* 1:1 Life Coaching session (15 minutes free consultation)

* Female Empowerment (Community engagement)

* Conscious Collaborations (Get Primed.)

* 7 Steps to Clarity for Busy professionals & Freelancers

“You can not always see the top even though you know that it is there.”

Learn to Float Workshop

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Today’s world is driven by the visuals that we see all around us, advertising is individually targeting each one of us directing our view of the world. Feeding our fears, happiness, telling us what we think, feel and sometimes what to say. Social media is creates voyeurs into the lives of others, wanting to present a view of our own lives that is without imperfection.

We are increasingly seeing in the news the impact of this type of living on the levels of mental illness being diagnosed annually, the growth in suicide of public figures and the general public, physical illnesses, violence towards others, and intolerance about race and religion on the rise.

This course does not look at the environmental factors that cause anxiety, stress or some of the other elements mentioned above. It only recognises that these will also impact a person’s view of themselves when they measure themselves against some of these markers.

This course will take the individual on a journey of self discovery to a point personal to them where validation is at it’s equilibrium.

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