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Life and Business Coaching practice for Leaders, Future Leaders, Founders, Entrepreneurs, Consultants, Coaches & Many more. We work with you to meet your individual needs, personal and business needs.


  • Life coaching (1:1 coaching packages)
  • Business coaching (1:1 & Group packages)
  • Group coaching: Dream Concept day (Team building/ Away days)
  • Workshops: Learning to float, Detox for Inner Wealth,
  • Standup Stand out (youth workshop)
  • Conscious Collaborations

Our values

  • The client is ‘The expert’ we only unlocking the door, not bringing our own egos to the sessions
  • To provide an authentic service based on solid frameworks supported through knowledge of NLP, Marketing, Organisational behaviour & people management.
    • 3 D’s (Demonstrate, Determine & Deliver
    • 3 B’s (Build, Balance & Blossom)
    • 3 R’s (Recall, Reframe & Realise)
    • 3 C’s (Connect, Capture, Clarify
  • We offer a bespoke service that is person centred.
  • A healthy body and mind is intrinsic to our coaching philosophy.
“Walking along side you is your future!
Coaching can act as a bridge, taking you and your business, career from it’s current place to its future one. Active Revolution Coaching based in London.

Creating your A.R.C

Our mission at Active Revolution Coaching is to facilitate a growth mindset through coaching, using the philosophies gain from NLP and Ontology, the way of being to actively transform you and your business. The vision is to walk alongside the client to create a coaching package for you.

The types of challenges that we have supported have ranged from career development and change, business direction, returning to the workforce, courage and clarity using the wheel of life and feedback and Feedforward for managers and executives.

“Guided walks, challenging talks, bridging the gap between now and the possibilities of tomorrow!”

“Coaching the best to grow better!”

These are some of the things I say and many other coach’s state… why? I have personal experience monthly as I have a life coach!

We often sit in the same place, walk the same streets, not moving from the comfort of our homes or jobs.

It is not until someone says ‘When you were younger was this your ambition, your dream?

‘ You stop!

Then it comes the vision.

You say I want to be at home more with the kids? I wanted to be a pilot. I was a dancer for years and then I woke up.

The smile! As you recall your ambition.

How do I get that passion back for my job?

You want that promotion?

What do I need to do to move up?

“Every athlete that succeeded dreamed of success, they visualise the prize, they were not alone …”

Successful people have a Coach, Mentor or a Business has a Consultant.

That is me🌷

Presenting to a mixed group of young entrepreneur inGroup workshops are designed around your business, big or small. The aim of these group workshops are to provide bite sized chunks of energy. When working in dynamic, transient industries such as were we are today it can mean teams aren’t aligned and compete rather than collaborate.

Learn to Float & Detox for Inner wealth helping teams to realise the Super Power qualities in every individual. Which enable the to have a better understand of the language each person speaks. Through understanding one another they are able to build a strategy and common language within the team. Instead of pitch against, balancing together to allow the team and business to blossom.

Recognise your united ‘super power’.

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