“Aku, helped me define and prioritise my personal and fashion business goals…”

Aku and I met a few years ago while working in the same building. Her positive energy and zest for life is contagious and I was pleased that she asked me to be one of her first clients as a __life?___ coach. However, being an extremely ambitious young entrepreneur I felt that her training would be better suited to a less motivated and uncertain individual. I was very wrong. Aku helped me to define and prioritise my personal and fashion business goals, competitors and calendar which in turn has made me 10 times more productive than I was this time last year. I highly recommend Aku’s tailored services and friendly approach to anyone who is serious about improving their lives whatever stage they are currently at.

Elizabeth-Yemi Akingbade, Print & Fashion Designer at Yemzi

  • When Aku spoke to me about being my life coach, it was a difficult thing for me to agree to. I didn’t see how anyone would be able to help me see how to improve my situation better than I could. I was surrounded by people who love me who were gently trying to encourage me out of my rut, tip-toeing around things I didn’t want to hear, sending me links to jobs I didn’t want to apply for and generally confirming that nobody understood how to help me, that this was something I was going to have to figure out on my own.
  • Of course, I was doing a terrible job and basically feeling like a failure and experiencing some pretty serious symptoms of depression (bursting into tears in public places, avoiding friends and family) as a result.

    I was pretty straight with Aku, I told her that I had a coach once before and I felt like I was managing them. That the sessions felt like me trying to answer their questions and please them so that they would feel like they are doing a good job, when deep down I felt like she was simplifying my life’s dreams and failures into a solution that was not adequate for me. When Aku asked me what the outcome was of these sessions, I admitted that I never stuck to the goals we set in a session and as a result I kept cancelling until it phased out. Aku’s response was, “Well we know what doesn’t work for you and we won’t set goals! I’m here to do what we do…walk, talk, laugh and we’ll see where it takes us!

    I agreed to let her coach me but you can see from the language, I felt like I was doing it for her and not for me.

    What can I say? We walked around a lake, we caught up, Aku listened, she heard me. As we branched out into new parks she literally helped me see the wood for the trees. As I rambled on about how I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t know how to get my shit together, nothing excited me – Aku absorbed my words, my tone, my body language, my energy and helped me make sense of the chaos in my mind that I had previously been losing myself in trying to do it on my own.

    We always laughed. We found beauty, lessons and inspiration in the nature around us and I always felt miles ahead of where I started after each Coaching Session with Aku. She was my champion, reminding me that I needed to be my biggest champion. And I am now. I’m the big tree. In just a few months I re-discovered the belief in myself I needed to make the life changing decisions that have me back on a road I want to run down. Possibilities, that for whatever reason, I had convinced myself were not open to me right now, actually were, and so I made them happen.

    Aku will always say that it was all me, but I know that I have learnt things about myself and about how to take on life through the life coaching skills Aku masterfully employed in our sessions, in such a way that I barely knew it was happening. If you are thinking about spending time with Aku as your life coach it will accelerate your potential and will be a great time well spent.

    Narin, Drama Therapist